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My successful friends


These are some of my friends who are starting to be successful
and all terrific guys. I wish them my best and I’m very proud of them.

First, this is Dave. He is few years younger than me
we worked at the same company before the economy ?tanged and he started as a production assistant
and I thought he was a good kid so I took him under my ?waying a little and I recommended him for advancement and staff like that
He’d moved up to junior producer when our company closed
now he just got back to from ?plung after two years producing a big budge action adventure movie with do a lot of impossible Kanfu stants, and everything gets blown up I thing it’s just great that he got so far so fast even if a while I was working at a coffee shop, I was standing around and hope evrythings work as well for him and I’m not even remotely envious (adj.) I’ve never have fleeting thoughts of the movie being a big ?flop of the box reputation going ?saraly in ?this him asking me for reference ? he could get a job at fast food restaurant then moving back in with his pearents.
major box office flop《a ~》ハリウッドの駄作、興行成績の面では失敗作

Next, this is Owen, he is one of those guys who read computer magazines in high school because he had a hard time getting dates. We’d been
?past for a while and about two years ago he started tec consulting company with one other guy now he got contract with half million dallers and his client put up him the Hilton for free room-service so anyway I’m ?intest aride for him I’m so proud of him that he did all his way and never have momenraly thoughts about tec industry going dawn ??that towards bizarre all the consulting work getting overseas to India or scring up him job getting black list and his bisuness partoner ?busying all the money and flew into Mexico
going down the tube = failure
screwing up = making a big mistake
embezzling money = stealing money in a hidden way

And then lastly, this is John he draws comics and had bee sending them to a local newspaper and last month they actually started printing ?? things now he has a paper four times a week and he is making his living off on his work when I over hear people talking about him in cafes,
Well , I say all the more ?power to him I’m really happy about him not at all bitter and never have any thought of him running out of ideas and the comic getting droped that was to him somehow like spritting his drawing hand or getting struk by lightning or coming dawn by ?bipper on the play going on in bell folling on him he is stepping a land mine or his house burning dawn and or him being attacked by a ?mounting ?miner or him driving his car off five hundred feet cliff in the Pacific Ocean

spraining his drawing hand
**hurting his drawing hand rootword: "sprain"
coming down with the bubonic plague
**sickeness carried by rats
stepping on a landmine
**also known as "Black Death"
: anvil = used by blacksmiths and sword makers

These are my friend all terrific guys I’m proudo of

Well fucking hooray for Jhon!!
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Highschool teachers

a few of my highschool teachers

1) Why was the boy worried in general?
2) What was the name of the Algebra teacher?
3) What did the boy observe about his teacher?
4) What kind of rumor did he hear about his Algebra teacher?
Today I was sitting and remembering when was a kid and for starting high school. I was kind of worry because I didn’t know what kind of teachers I would have. I probably didn’t need to worry about it, because I am pretty sure they were fairly typical.

My algeblra class was taught by this guy named Mr. Klaider.
He was actually a pretty good teacher, but couldn’t help noticing with regard as what shirt he was wearing, he wore the same pair of white canvas pants evry single day, weekend and ?week out.
He was ?always? ?? this is because he drew on the blackboard with white chalk , so he could wipe his hands with his pants without anyone noticing/
One day in the lunchroom, me and some of my classmates had rumored that Mr. Klaider had worn different pair of pants that day, and we were all looking for it giving him amount of crab about it.

It was not to be though because Mr.Kliader walked into the room he just rised his arms and said, don’t say a word about or he’d sent thirty five kids’ to detention for the next two weeks.
So another setting new thing and we proceed to learn about Pythagorean theorem.
Pythagorean /pɪˌθæg əˈri ən/
theorem /ˈθi ər əm, ˈθɪər əm/

I had Miss Silvei for English
She was a kind young for a teacher, but I really liked her class because we read I conciderd to be high level literature, and I was pretend those characters from ,, or one full over the Cook-is-nest. -ist ==>One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Towards at the end of the semester though , Miss Silvie would stop class about ten minutes early and let us start our homework ,and ?insure? go over and
sit with a group of popular girls and start talking about shopping ,suntans, and going to the mall.
This was sort of weird to see because she would start using of expressions. It’s like an hours like I was totally Oh, my God!
ensure - guarantee **to make sure

My history class was pretty bizarre? because Mr. Grab always made you feel like you ?chest up? into the time work back of the year 1945 He had always wore these well polished wingtip shoes and he walked around the room, they would go clop, clop, it was a kind of hypnotizing. In a school of generally ??? his kids his class was always dead silent because even though he always seemed so calm you also wondered if he was ?snapped at any moment
I always believed the rumor that he had a loaded gun and a bottle of whiskey in his desk.

To use a term that I learned in the class, Mr. Brurry was an ectomorph and even though the term is now outdated I suppose I am too.
Anyway I particularly liked his class because he talked extensively about his Stanford prison experiment and ?familar ?grammer ?biden experiment and Dr. Carton’s experiment on the over population of ?grownth
All these experiments I thought of ? ?grimps in how humans could be capable ?aback into so badly towards each other which is the exact sort of thing to be interested in here about ?human to at high school like mine.

My art teacher Mr. Dean also taught me basics of drawing, but also had a
Bel canto command and girls by suggesting that we all had a ? picking ?gum test. He was my favorite teacher at school in my senior year though he was gone through a divorce, ? rarely left his back room office the story had a happy ending though because a few years later I run into him with his new girlfriend
She had her under arm hair so long you could braided it if you wanted to, but I am not going to ? be judgment about that.
"belch" on command **to burp
He'd like to gross people out by suggesting that we all have a "nose-picking" contest.

Mr. Santos was my guidance counselor ?? suggest prospects of my future which I don’t bilieve that his thought was very bright He talked me about colleges ? ? look out of the window. The thing is I’m pretty sure that sort of the time that since I was graduated I was going to embark so many great adventures in such uninteresting life but I would never remember or care what had happened in high school anyway. I thought at that time I guess that I was wrong.
an interesting life NOT: "uninteresting life"
At that sort of time, he gets filled with sadness. そんな時、彼は悲しい気持ちでいっぱいになります。
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Hey, what do you think of this?
Just keep on writing, core is leaving on a noun. ---.> Cola is leaving in an hour.
I’m thinking of a corner, such a better word than spaces , for in a mind, corners of my mind by ? spaces , this seems to have a boundary to it you know, so it ????
It sounds so good I can’t believe it. 01:00
And now, now you see you have to sing into the microphone
and I’ll follow you
But I can’t.
Let’s do it duet for man and woman we are close? if we go
your headphones ????
How is that yes?
It’s OK.
Way back into love take one 1:39 ここまで11/11

Hold on, I’m getting really nervous.
You’ll be fine you just still normal nice voice that I’ve heard so much of the last three days
It’s like of my throat’s closing? of an effort of acting cough
try it’s just a three minitus song
Just a little bit louder, cause this song is intended for humans, ok?
Way back into love take two
Wait, wait just could have a baby

Cora is leaving in an hour.
I’m thinking of a corner, such a better word than spaces , for in a mind, corners of my mind by ? spaces , this seems to have a boundary to it you know, so it ????
Listen, I was thinking that "corners" was such a better word than "spaces". For in the mind, "corners of my mind" rather than "spaces". It just seems to have a BETTER BOUNDARY to it, you know?

Should I speak to you about this later? Okay.
In the middle of the conversation, Hugh looked at her and didn't respond to what she said.
**IMPLIED: Can't you see I'm busy?

And now, vocals!
No, you see you have to sing into the microphone, it won't follow you.
***reaction to the girl's action: stepped back while staring at the mic
It's a duet for a man and a woman we are as close as we've got.
***There is no one else to sing the song, except them

Your headphones and on level. You look nice on that, you should wear it all the time.
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◯李先生应征ying4zheng1 一家广告公司
创意总监chuang4yi4zong3jian1的 职位zhi2wei4
一回家 李太太 就 抢先qiang3xian1 问道:事情怎么样了?

李先生说:明天就开始上班,月薪 十五万,还有 红利hong2li4 奖金jiang3jin1。
李太太听了,真是 惊喜jing1xi4焦急jiao1ji2, 忍不住 往下 追zhui1问:
待遇dai4yu4既然不错,想必 应4征1 的人一定 不少吧?
大概有三四十个 都是 广告界的 精英jing1ying1 ,李先生回答。

录取lu4qu3 了几个?
只 录取了一个,就是我。李先生很神气地说。  得意げに

那考试 什么题目呢?
只考一题 ,李先生说
总经理 分给 我们每人 一张白纸 任凭 ren4ping2我们 在上面 画些 东西,
然后他 把 考卷kao3juan4 从 楼上 窗口 撒sa1向大街
看 过路人 究竟 是 拿 谁 的 考3卷4
有的人 在纸上写着 非常 动听的 字4,
有的 在上面 画着 裸体lou3ti3美人
有人 则ze2画了 有趣qu4的 漫4画4
也有 折成zhe2cheng2 漂亮的 纸艺品zhi3yi4pin3
李太太 迫不及待的 问 po4bu4ji2dai4
我什么 也 没画,只在 纸上 贴tie1了 三张 一千元的 钞票chao1piao4
李先生 得意的回答

◯硬碰硬 ying4peng4ying4
喂wei4,你介绍jie4shao4给我的 那个 女演员
似乎 一个 心肠xin1chang2很硬的姑娘。
心肠硬4,你要以硬对硬,钻石zuan4shi2 是 能 打动dong2她的心的。
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大年初六,返程峰高当中在沪渝hu4yu3高速公路, 湖北长阳的境内发生了一个不可思议的事情。

「我们小姑娘在高堰gao1yan4服务区 被落下la4xia4了。她上厕所去了。我加了个油就走了。我们现在已经到仙桃了。麻烦你们帮我们找一找好吧。」


「那时候我还在睡觉,[爸爸]他就把我叫醒,他说,到服务区了,你先去上个厕所吧。我说,那我去上个厕所,你在这等我。他说,他先去加油,加完油在那等我。我就去上厕所了。后来回来的时候就没看到他了。没看到他 ,我找了好几圈都没找到。」

更急人的是这个十二岁的孩子 连她爸爸的电话 也不记的了。
焦急等待中,上午十点左右粗心的爸爸 终于赶了回来。

「你怪我干吗 是你自己{粗心}」
「不会,谢谢 太感谢了。」

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走进青口村最使人触目是哈尼族古老的蘑菇房。掩映在金秋的梯田和清晨的云海中,宛如 一副美丽的画卷。蘑菇房是哈尼族祖祖辈辈居住的传统房屋,屋顶用梯田里的稻草编成而成。形状像蘑菇, 因此被称为蘑菇房。

十月,正是收获的季节,房前屋后的梯田是一片忙碌的景象。走在田埂和羊肠小道上,随时都能遇到肩扛头顶的方式把一大大儿稻谷背回家。村民说这种背粮食的方法也是从祖辈们那里传下来的, 一直延续到今天。

(字幕*李琼) *你们都是这么背回家的呀? -- 嗯。*每年收到都是这么背? --对。
*这一袋得有多少公斤啊? --100多斤吧。 *收了多少袋啊一共? --一共是10多袋。

青口村2004年被国家 《? ?》命名为全国农业里有示范点。 其中《奖?》是的森林、村寨、梯田、河流和云海融合一起的田园风光。目前 全村有二百四十户 ,九百八十八人, 拥有梯田四百五十三亩。

六十八岁的李正林是村里唯一的哈尼哈巴传承人。看到记者到来、李正林和他的学徒表演的 一段谷场丰收的哈尼哈巴。

(字幕)*老人家,你们 刚刚 唱的 这一段个 是表示 什么意思呢?--就是 我们哈尼族 今年是龙年了,九月份*哈尼族农历9月*到了,稻田里的 谷子,一天比一天 黄起来了,熟起来了,我们的父母亲,叫些儿子女儿回来, *都叫回来。 --做些准备 谷船不好的整好,犁耙没有的要准备九月份秋收到了,时间到了,赶紧(把稻谷)收回来。

现在 李正林有 七个 徒弟,年龄最小的三十岁,最大的 七十多岁。
空闲的时候 李正林和徒弟们,就围坐火塘边,唱起哈尼谷歌。



http://news.cntv.cn/china/20121012/101410.shtml 《视频 探访民族村寨》
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中国作家莫言成诺贝尔文学奖最大热门 超村上春树2012年10月05日 18:19
来源:中国广播网 字号


原标题:中国作家莫言成诺贝尔文学奖最大热门 超村上春树










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根据好奇号火星车科学团队的科学家、德克萨斯A&M大学的研究人员马克•莱蒙(Mark Lemmon)介绍:“我们虽然不能钻探到火星内部去探索,但却可以通过火星月亮的轨道变化来推测火星内部构造变化。因此我们非常精确地测量这次火星日偏食现象,以此得到关于火星内部结构的资料。”火卫一(Phobos)是火星的一颗卫星,其只有14英里宽,大约为22公里;而火卫二(Deimos)则更小,多数科学家认为这两个卫星是被火星的引力所捕获。



科学家为好奇号设定的第一个探索目标位于着陆点200米(660英尺)外,此处区域被称为格莱内尔格(Glenelg),由三种不同的地貌构成。在接下来的数天内,好奇号将在此停留探索,这里的岩层将被命名以雅各布•马蒂杰维奇(Jacob Matijevic)的名字命名,他是火星车任务小组的科学家,就在好奇号降落不久便去世了。好奇号将使用阿尔法粒子X射线分光计对一块16英吋(25厘米)高的岩石进行元素测定,并通过机械臂(7英尺长)成像仪进行近距离拍摄。


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2012年08月31日09:07    来源:中国广播网     


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