var yok

Var, Yok

Var - Presence - There is/are, has got / have got

Yok - Absence - There is/are not, have/has not got

There is a book on the table.

Masa+da bir (a) kitap var.

Masa + da - on the table

There are 4 pens in the bag.

Çantada dört kalem var.


There is not a teacher in the classroom.

Sınıfta bir öğretmen yok.

There are not many students in the garden.

Bahçede çok öğrenci yok.

Many, much, very, a lot of, too - çok

Garden - bahçe

HOMEWORK: B2G / page 33 translate the sentences below the pics, review the words, page 31 ex 2

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