nerede, neresi

You should learn prepositions first for understanding the difference well.
They are -de/-den/-e.
'de' is 'at/in/on')-> it is there/here
evde (at home)
okulda (in school)
masada (on the table)

-"den" is 'from'
evden (from home)
okuldan (from school)
masadan (from the table) 0

'e' is 'to'
eve (to home)
okula (to school)
masaya (to the table)

and let's look at your question, the basic form of them is 'nere' which means 'where'

when 'de' is added, "nerede": where is it located?

when 'e' is added it becomes 'nereye' so it means 'where' like "where are you going (to)?"

neresi is like pointing somewhere. 'where??'

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