My successful friends

These are some of my friends who are starting to be successful
and all terrific guys. I wish them my best and I’m very proud of them.

First, this is Dave. He is few years younger than me
we worked at the same company before the economy ?tanged and he started as a production assistant
and I thought he was a good kid so I took him under my ?waying a little and I recommended him for advancement and staff like that
He’d moved up to junior producer when our company closed
now he just got back to from ?plung after two years producing a big budge action adventure movie with do a lot of impossible Kanfu stants, and everything gets blown up I thing it’s just great that he got so far so fast even if a while I was working at a coffee shop, I was standing around and hope evrythings work as well for him and I’m not even remotely envious (adj.) I’ve never have fleeting thoughts of the movie being a big ?flop of the box reputation going ?saraly in ?this him asking me for reference ? he could get a job at fast food restaurant then moving back in with his pearents.
major box office flop《a ~》ハリウッドの駄作、興行成績の面では失敗作

Next, this is Owen, he is one of those guys who read computer magazines in high school because he had a hard time getting dates. We’d been
?past for a while and about two years ago he started tec consulting company with one other guy now he got contract with half million dallers and his client put up him the Hilton for free room-service so anyway I’m ?intest aride for him I’m so proud of him that he did all his way and never have momenraly thoughts about tec industry going dawn ??that towards bizarre all the consulting work getting overseas to India or scring up him job getting black list and his bisuness partoner ?busying all the money and flew into Mexico
going down the tube = failure
screwing up = making a big mistake
embezzling money = stealing money in a hidden way

And then lastly, this is John he draws comics and had bee sending them to a local newspaper and last month they actually started printing ?? things now he has a paper four times a week and he is making his living off on his work when I over hear people talking about him in cafes,
Well , I say all the more ?power to him I’m really happy about him not at all bitter and never have any thought of him running out of ideas and the comic getting droped that was to him somehow like spritting his drawing hand or getting struk by lightning or coming dawn by ?bipper on the play going on in bell folling on him he is stepping a land mine or his house burning dawn and or him being attacked by a ?mounting ?miner or him driving his car off five hundred feet cliff in the Pacific Ocean

spraining his drawing hand
**hurting his drawing hand rootword: "sprain"
coming down with the bubonic plague
**sickeness carried by rats
stepping on a landmine
**also known as "Black Death"
: anvil = used by blacksmiths and sword makers

These are my friend all terrific guys I’m proudo of

Well fucking hooray for Jhon!!
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