Highschool teachers

a few of my highschool teachers

1) Why was the boy worried in general?
2) What was the name of the Algebra teacher?
3) What did the boy observe about his teacher?
4) What kind of rumor did he hear about his Algebra teacher?
Today I was sitting and remembering when was a kid and for starting high school. I was kind of worry because I didn’t know what kind of teachers I would have. I probably didn’t need to worry about it, because I am pretty sure they were fairly typical.

My algeblra class was taught by this guy named Mr. Klaider.
He was actually a pretty good teacher, but couldn’t help noticing with regard as what shirt he was wearing, he wore the same pair of white canvas pants evry single day, weekend and ?week out.
He was ?always? ?? this is because he drew on the blackboard with white chalk , so he could wipe his hands with his pants without anyone noticing/
One day in the lunchroom, me and some of my classmates had rumored that Mr. Klaider had worn different pair of pants that day, and we were all looking for it giving him amount of crab about it.

It was not to be though because Mr.Kliader walked into the room he just rised his arms and said, don’t say a word about or he’d sent thirty five kids’ to detention for the next two weeks.
So another setting new thing and we proceed to learn about Pythagorean theorem.
Pythagorean /pɪˌθæg əˈri ən/
theorem /ˈθi ər əm, ˈθɪər əm/

I had Miss Silvei for English
She was a kind young for a teacher, but I really liked her class because we read I conciderd to be high level literature, and I was pretend those characters from ,, or one full over the Cook-is-nest. -ist ==>One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Towards at the end of the semester though , Miss Silvie would stop class about ten minutes early and let us start our homework ,and ?insure? go over and
sit with a group of popular girls and start talking about shopping ,suntans, and going to the mall.
This was sort of weird to see because she would start using of expressions. It’s like an hours like I was totally Oh, my God!
ensure - guarantee **to make sure

My history class was pretty bizarre? because Mr. Grab always made you feel like you ?chest up? into the time work back of the year 1945 He had always wore these well polished wingtip shoes and he walked around the room, they would go clop, clop, it was a kind of hypnotizing. In a school of generally ??? his kids his class was always dead silent because even though he always seemed so calm you also wondered if he was ?snapped at any moment
I always believed the rumor that he had a loaded gun and a bottle of whiskey in his desk.

To use a term that I learned in the class, Mr. Brurry was an ectomorph and even though the term is now outdated I suppose I am too.
Anyway I particularly liked his class because he talked extensively about his Stanford prison experiment and ?familar ?grammer ?biden experiment and Dr. Carton’s experiment on the over population of ?grownth
All these experiments I thought of ? ?grimps in how humans could be capable ?aback into so badly towards each other which is the exact sort of thing to be interested in here about ?human to at high school like mine.

My art teacher Mr. Dean also taught me basics of drawing, but also had a
Bel canto command and girls by suggesting that we all had a ? picking ?gum test. He was my favorite teacher at school in my senior year though he was gone through a divorce, ? rarely left his back room office the story had a happy ending though because a few years later I run into him with his new girlfriend
She had her under arm hair so long you could braided it if you wanted to, but I am not going to ? be judgment about that.
"belch" on command **to burp
He'd like to gross people out by suggesting that we all have a "nose-picking" contest.

Mr. Santos was my guidance counselor ?? suggest prospects of my future which I don’t bilieve that his thought was very bright He talked me about colleges ? ? look out of the window. The thing is I’m pretty sure that sort of the time that since I was graduated I was going to embark so many great adventures in such uninteresting life but I would never remember or care what had happened in high school anyway. I thought at that time I guess that I was wrong.
an interesting life NOT: "uninteresting life"
At that sort of time, he gets filled with sadness. そんな時、彼は悲しい気持ちでいっぱいになります。
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